Lori, a lullaby in Linen

Lori (Lullaby), Saphed’s pure linen loungewear will suit both, dreamers and insomniacs alike.

The collection, crafted in shades of Indigo, Khaki, Slate, Cinnamon and Undyed is made up of airy robes, to wear and move elegantly through drawing rooms and daydreams; shirt-and-shorts sets for lounging and outings; and linen pyjamas so comfortable, they’ll sing you to sleep. Lori is a prelude to your next (day) dream.

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Jameen, an all season collection

Jameen, which translates to ‘ground’ in Gujarati, is Saphed’s permanent collection crafted from 100% linen. This is a strong product base influenced by ground textures; think smooth terracotta floors, cool marble walls and freshly harvested fields.

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Handmade Objects

Elemental objects for the festive season, hand-moulded from earth and brought to life by fire. Our range of dark and light clay offerings that signify the duality of time; night and day.

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